Character styles give you creative control

Most businesses don't know what their animated video will look or sound like before they pay for it. Thomas Voice shows you the options so you know what to expect.

Thomas Kelly voice actor with animated characters

Buy with confidence

Know how your animated characters will look before you buy.

Faster delivery

Using pre-made animation assets mean your video is delivered faster.

Creative control

Choose the animation style that suits your brand.

Animated Character Categories

Choosing a character that aligns with your customer avatar will increase engagement with your message. When customers see relatable characters in situations which they understand emotionally - that engagement is reflected in positive click through rates (CTR) of your call to action (CTA).

How to find the main character for your animated video:

  1. Start by browsing one of the three categories below by clicking the "More details" button below a category.
  2. Browse the gallery and make a note of your favorite character name.
  3. Contact Thomas and tell him the name of your favorite character category and name.

The Cartoon category is great for both business and consumer marketing.

More details

The 3D category is more realistic with the feeling of Pixar animation.

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The Doodle category communicates in a refreshingly simple style.

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