Get new customers with animated video story

Most businesses lack the time and expertise to make video advertising that gets results. Thomas Voice helps you to easily create an animated video that hooks your audience emotionally so you win new customers that feel connected to your brand.

  Winter Sales Video Solution

One-stop-shop animated video production 

Easily get an animated video made for you, up to 90 seconds in length, that hooks your audience emotionally.

This helps you get new customers that feel connected to your brand.

Better conversions

Enjoy more effective sales and marketing by telling a memorable story.

Your time, your life

Save time by working with Thomas and his clear process designed to put you in control.

Support to Succeed

Receive advise and support to maximise your video marketing impact.


Includes script writing, animation and voice over in one place.

3 week delivery available

High quality delivered one week faster than most agencies.

Easy to follow process

Get your video marketing live in four steps.

Starts at only £1699

Commit to the success you deserve.

This is perfect for your...

Animated Explainer Video

Quickly explain the value of your business through a memorable story.

Video Advertisement

Engage new customers with online paid advertising to increase sales and website traffic.

The difficulty of doing it yourself

Missed opportunity

How many potential customers don't understand the true value of your product?

Extra work

How much time will you waste by managing different freelancers to create your videos?

Personal time

How much stress do you experience by continuing to search for video solutions?

Lack of engagement

A lack of good storytelling may be costing you a great deal.

Break the Brief Guarantee

The Brief is your specifications for your video. In the rare case that the final video does not meet the specifications of the Brief - Thomas will give you a refund.

Why Choose Thomas Voice?

Thomas Kelly voice actor smiling wearing white shirt

Thomas Kelly

Owner and Talent

10 years of acting for an engaging vocal performance

5 years writing stories and copy for commercial use

3 years animating video for business

1 professional recording and video editing studio

Thomas understands how stressful it is to struggle with video marketing

You've invested countless amounts of time and money to make a great business. You deserve video marketing as good as your brand is. That's why Thomas made it his mission to provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop service.

David Austin-White My last engagement with Thomas was a voiceover for an explainer video, I have seen a 12% engagement increase on my website that has given me a huge ROI, I highly recommend him.

David Austin-White • Director of Veritas MPI

Elise Baerd

I thought voice over was difficult to get but Thomas made it easy and efficient. I really enjoyed the final work and it was perfectly tailored to what I needed.

Elise Baerd • Owner of French Language School

How to get an animated video

1. Buy in the shop

Use the secure checkout or message us for a friendly chat before you buy.

2. Customise order

Tell Thomas about your business and choose the visual style for your video using surveys.

3. Creative sign off

An easy process to approve creative content in stages.

4. Campaign launch 

The animated video of your dreams is delivered. Follow the bonus PDF "Campaign Checklist Catapult" to enhance your marketing.

How animated video can help you succeed

At Thomas Voice, all of our customers need to increase sales with successful video marketing. To heighten customer engagement, you need expertly made videos tailored for your customer.

That's great news for businesses using video marketing focused on their products and educating customers. At Thomas Voice, we use a story structure to educate customers about the true value of your product in an emotionally engaging way. That's perfect for how people like to consume videos.

The problem is, it's hard to create it yourself and stressful to manage multiple creative freelancers to make it for you. It's understandable that you feel frustrated in the process.

Key take away from the Wistia 2023 State of Video report, survey of 1500 businesses.

What types of video delivered the most ROI for your business?

Buy the Winter Sales Video Solution while availability lasts in January.

Stop missing out on converting new customers with video marketing, and enjoy the time you win back by working with a professional.

Thomas believes no one should waste their time and money on video marketing that can't win new customers - it's outrageous that business owners and marketers get second rate videos for their hard earned money.

Thomas understands how stressful and confusing it is to struggle with video marketing. That’s why he created a stress-free process to guide you through creative choices and does all the hard work for you. That includes animation, script writing and voice acting in his professional studio - combined into a storytelling format to truly show the value of your business.

Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1  "Buy in the shop" with the fast and secure checkout. Thomas is happy to speak with you on video call or email to answer any questions you might have before purchasing. 

  • Step 2  "Customise order" is two streamlined surveys providing an easy path to:
    • Get powerful messaging written for you by sharing your customer knowledge during the 40min Customer Crunch.
    • Build trust with customers by selecting animated characters and voice over from Thomas' collection.

  • Step 3  "Creative sign off" gives you the control to shape creative content without doing the hard work yourself. Thomas guides you through feedback and approval to:
    • Approve the script, which is the foundation of your video.
    • Tailor the video for your customer and marketing goals. Two revisions are included for free.

  • Step 4  "Campaign Launch" - is bonus support and advise to maximise the impact of your video marketing. Thomas Voice provides you with the "Campaign Checklist Catapult", a PDF summarising 20hrs of reading into a checklist and simple how-to guide.


The Winter Sales Video Solution

Easily get an animated video made for you, up to 90 seconds in length, that hooks your audience emotionally.

This helps you get new customers that feel connected to your brand. 

Starter Pack


£ 1699 .00

 Valued at £4,746.00

  • Delivered within 3 weeks
  • Animated Video Creation
    (£1249 value)
    Capture attention fast and keep it with fun animation.
  • Script writing
    (£487 value)
    Promote your product or service with an engaging story your customer will care about.
  • Broadcast Quality Voice Over
    (£880 value)
    Versatile voice actor Thomas W Kelly performing in a pro studio.
  • Pro Audio Editing
    (£400 value)
    Professional audio editing, mixing and mastering for a sound your customer will love.

Pro Pack


£​ 2499 .00

Valued at £6,866.00

  • Delivered within 3 weeks
  • Fun 40min Design Deep Dive
    (£120 value)
    Make decisions faster with an video call consultation to design your video.
  • Voice Choice Decision Deck
    (£240 value)
    Get the best fit for your business with voice over performed in three different ways.
  • Supercharged Licensing Liftoff
    (£1760 value)
    3 months paid advertising usage on an additional 2 platforms.
  • Includes the Starter Pack
    (£4746 value)
    Easily get an animated video made for you that hooks your audience emotionally.

Own-It-Online Pack


£ 6299 .00

Valued at £17,426.00

  • Delivered within 14 days
  • Total Licensing Buy-Out
    (£10560 value)
    Licensing buy-out in perpetuity (for ever) for Online use.
  • Includes the Pro Pack
    (Value £6866)
    Easily get an animated video made for you with premium service.

 Free Bonuses with every order (£1730 value):

Simple license which Includes 1 year commercial usage (website and social media) and 3 months paid advertising usage for 1 platform.

Easy method to get your campaign live with a checklist and free tool, 20 hrs of learning and research condensed.

Don't like parts of the finished video? No problem! To make sure you get the video perfectly tailored to your business, Thomas will do two revisions.

Get all the captivating detail and depth of the Thomas Voice professional recording studio - you don't need to pay an agency for studio hire or worry about the quality of a freelancers' equipment.

Royalty free music and sound effects mixed into your video and selected for you to make sure you don't have copyright issues.

 Only accepting 1 client per month.

Due to work already booked, availability is limited. 


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